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We are living in the beautiful Huon Valley in Tasmania, surrounded by outstanding sailing waters.  In June 2007 my husband and I purchased a Columbia 27 cruising yacht.  My husband crews in a Top Hat 24 in the races held by the Port Cygnet Sailing Club so our yacht was going to sit idle for most of the sailing season.  A great idea came to us - lets have an all women crew and take on the men!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Twilight 8 - The end of the Series

The evening started well with lots of enthusiasm and passion. The secret weapon - a home made extending whisker pole ( for holding out the Jib when running down wind) was considered by the sailing competition to be a great addition.  With only Cap'n Tank and "Overboard" as crew we knew it would be harder to manage the large jib. The winds were favorable however,  so the task was not as hard as it could have been.  We had another poor start... not anyone's fault - just a lot of traffic. With 18 yachts out on the water it was difficult to keep close to the start line. Once we were across the start line we elected to go on the opposite tack to most of the other yachts. This paid off and we soon closed the gap. However, Cap'n Stan was still ahead of us at the first mark. We know that to pass Wyvern was the goal and would be a good indicator of our ultimate placing.  At the second mark we were able to put in a fast and tight tack passing two yachts including Wyvern. The rest of the race was just great. We were challenged after the third mark but held off Wyvern and was able to extend our lead on the run down wind. The race was really enjoyable. I have really found taking the helm to be exciting, challenging but also very satisfying. I am getting the feel for the yacht through the tiller and am gaining a great deal of confidence.

So what was the result?  Well tonight we came 2nd again. This is the 5th time we have been second but it gave us an edge over the nearest rivals so we actually WON the whole series with the best aggregate results on handicap.

Once ashore we had a lovely meal at the Clubhouse and were warmly congratulated by all when our success was announced. It is really nice to feel that we have earned the respect of the men in the club.
So the twilight racing is now over. The next challenge is the Ladies race in two weeks. We will not be using Pathfinder. I have been asked to helm Wyvern. I have no crew for Pathfinder but still have a chance to get out there and enjoy.
'Til the next time...good sailing.

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