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We are living in the beautiful Huon Valley in Tasmania, surrounded by outstanding sailing waters.  In June 2007 my husband and I purchased a Columbia 27 cruising yacht.  My husband crews in a Top Hat 24 in the races held by the Port Cygnet Sailing Club so our yacht was going to sit idle for most of the sailing season.  A great idea came to us - lets have an all women crew and take on the men!

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twilight Race 5

This week's Twilight race was so frustrating. After a small but steady breeze just before the start, we found ourselves struggling in very light air for the rest of the evening. A new crew member - the "Brisbane Bather" (named as a result of an unfortunate and unexpected dunking in Port Cygnet Bay) - had a perfect training day on the water. Coming 15th did little to cheers us up, but we did have a great tussle with Cap'n Stan on Wyvern. The lead between the two yachts changed a number of times and, fortunately, the girls under the close tutelage of Cap'n Tank, were able to catch the last little bit of breeze and make it over the finish line a minute ahead.
It is interesting just how tiring it can be sailing on a calm day. So many changes of sail settings and constantly adjusting the angle of the yacht to the winds as well as the concentration needed to keep focussed and ahead of Wyvern made for a very tiring evening. Coming in to the clubhouse later than most other people also meant cold steaks off the BBQ and cold potatoes! Mmmm.....next week we must do much better. Cold food is not much fun!

Cap'n Tank was as exited at beating Wyvern over the line as he would have been if we had won the race. Even with such a poor placing we are still well up in the seasons ranking so cannot be ashamed.  This learning to sail stuff is FUN!

Hopefully we will be able to improve next week (our handicap will go back to being a little better as a result of this week's poor placing) and keep up in the rankings.

Only three more races to go......................................:{

'Til the next time - sail well!

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